I have been working in classes all week and it has been a practical week. I love weeks like this, working with the students for a protracted period of time to work through a given problem. This week I introduced Microbits to some students and showed them how to control LEDs, servos and motors.

The aim here was to provide the students with enough skills and knowledge for them to then be able to design and build their own robots, with a Microbit brain, which could move and illuminate as they moved. The students now have to design and build these robots of their imagination, but knowing how to program the LEDs to flash, blink etc. Knowing how to control a servo to repeatedly move back and forth through a set number of degrees and to remotely control motors via a second Microbit is all the knowledge students will need to make a robot that they intimately know and understand, making troubleshooting and bug fixing an easier proposition.

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