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Wallwisher - Multimedia Post Its
NZ $15.00
excl GST
Wallwisher is a great tool for brainstorming.  Students can simultaneously add content to the same "wall" in the form of "post its" or "stickies."  On the face of it it sounds pretty limiting with a 170 character limit to each note.  The magic happens when you realise that you can can add multimedia content to each of the stickies, such as images, video and audio in the form of Audioboo recordings.  In this way the 170 character limit is avoided.  Students can then manipulate the content for sorting to help them to spot trends as subsequent questions etc.  When used in collaboration with other tools such as Jing and Audioboo, which we have tutorials for, Wallwisher becomes a potent elearning tool for every classroom.

You can check out our taster video here, please note this is a video of the old look Wallwisher and our tutorial for purchase reflects the new look Wallwisher.

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