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Youblisher - Publish Student Work with Style

Written by David on July 30th, 2014.      0 comments


Youblisher is a great tool for the classroom.  If you have never heard of it, now is the time to get to know it.  Youblisher's objective is to take any word processed content and turn it into a digital book or magazine that can be embeded into a class blog, wiki, LMS or website.  It makes the collected works of students look slick and engaging.

All that a teacher or the students themselves for that matter, have to do is to create a word processed document.  Using page breaks to denote each page, the front cover, the contents page, the text and attendant illustrations are all collated and added in order, separated by the page breaks.  The final action is to save the word processed, desk top published document as a PDF.  This PDF is then uploaded to Youblisher and they then work their magic, turning the PDF into a glossy digital book or magazine that has flipping sounds of high quality heavy duty paper as each page is turned.  The final result can be embedded into the web page of your choice.

This tool is a great end product for a collaborative work project or for the sharing of a whole class initiative.  Below is our tutorial on how to use Youblisher, alternatively you can browse our extensive list of other tutorials related to website based tools for learning.




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