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We Under Estimate Student Capacity

Written by David on February 28th, 2014.      1 comments

Working in many classrooms with many teachers I am often regailed with reasons why elearning can't happen, or the level of activity is always low.  The reasons most often given are: the kids do not have the skills to do the task.  Its too complex. They are only young etc  In truth it is the teachers holding back the students and not the other way round. 

This video I took of three students from a school last week demonstrates the capacity that students have for picking up essential elearning skills quickly.  I taught these three students how to open multiple tabs, browse through the resources on one website, in this case Educreations and then find the embed code for the resource.  They then had to copy the code and switch tabs and then create a widget in their class wiki and paste the embed code into the wiki and finally check their work.  So the task sequence was:
  1. Open Browser
  2. Locate wiki from favourites
  3. Create new tab
  4. Locate Educreations from favourites
  5. Browse lessons in Educreations
  6. Open selected lesson
  7. Open Embed code
  8. Copy embed code
  9. Switch to Wiki tab
  10. Select appropriate page to edit
  11. Click on Edit button
  12. Place cursor on appropriate place on page
  13. Click on Widget option
  14. Open "other" widget option
  15. Paste code into box
  16. Press save to create widget
  17. Press save again on page save option
  18. Verify that the appropriate resource has been  copied and pasted into the appropriate page
The students concerned are Yr2 students in the fourth week of term 1.  They have now been charged with teaching their peers this routine and I have no doubt that they will.  So now that we can see that Yr2 students can learn and repeat successfully an 18 step sequence, what is holding you back?


Jacqui from http://askatechteacher.com says ...
Those kids were amazing!


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