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Top Mind Mapping Apps

Written by David on July 23rd, 2014.      0 comments


The Internet is awash with lists, but there are a few good sites that help us to make sense of what we want to find.  The respective app stores of Apple and Google can be a good place to start, but they rank their best by a popularity algorithm, does popularity denote useability in the classroom for teachers?

I organise the apps on my iPad into functions or curriculum areas, so that the app can be applied to the learning as fast as possible.  Currently I have over 400 apps on my iPad and not all of them are good and unless they are well organised, they are hard to find!  The same is true of lists, which is why I use App Crawler.  It organises its data into a readily searchable formats, allowing me to search for Android or iOS apps related to the same function really quickly.

So what are App Crawlers top 10 Mind Mapping Apps and how do they compare to my own list?  You can see for yourself here.

Personally I use the following apps with the schools I work in:
ibrainstorm iBrainstorm:  A simple tool that is based on the cork board and post it note of brainstorming.  Simple and effective, easy to export as an image, so sharing is relatively easy.
poplet Poplet lite:  As with all good things, they cost, so the free version is not quite as fully packed as the full function.  Best thing about this app is that it has a web variant, enabling students to work on their Poplet's at home if they have saved their work and use the same log on as they do in class.
mindly Mindly:  This tool is fairly new to market.  I like its fluidity on the iPad, but when it comes to sharing  beyond the iPad into other resources such as a blog or wiki, then it does not score so well for me.  The output on the free version is just as a PDF and on the paid version, the output is too techie for most to cope with.  Still it looks great on the iPad, so if collaboration is not your thing, then this is worth a look



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