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Student Data and Their Privacy Online

Written by David on February 14th, 2014.      1 comments

I write regularly for Interface Magazine and have just had my latest article published. 

The latest article covers the thorny issue of privacy and the Internet when related to student use of the Internet.  The recent Snowden revelations, the Prism project run by the NSA and the Five Eyes initiative should make us all stop and consider what freedoms we have blindly allowed to be eroded in exchange for a few shiny baubles. 

The parallels between the first encounters of colonialists with indigenous peoples and the centuries of subjugation they have endured, having been awed by iron nails and glass beads, should not be ignored.  The likes of Google, Facebook, Apple etc have allowed us to be tricked by the sleight of hand of handing out great free stuff in exchange for our privacy.  Only time will tell how heavy that yoke is for us all to bear.

Enjoy the read and join in the conversation.
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Jacqui from http://askatechteacher.com says ...
This is an important topic, David. Glad you're covering it.


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