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ShowMe! - Capturing Learning

Written by David on May 30th, 2012.      0 comments

I was working at Pinehill School on Monday and one of the clasrooms I worked in was Kate’s year 2 class. The class has only had a single iPad for two weeks now and Kate was wondering how she might use the tool in her class, beyond simple enrichment activities. Kate already knew of ShowMe! but needed some advice on how to use this profitably with her class.

I have said many times before that I am passionate about capturing the learning that we miss in class and tools like an iPad and apps like ShowMe facilitate this process. I suggested to Kate that she consider altering her table group activities to include the iPad so that students can demonstrate and crucially record their learning even if the teacher is not present. I demonstrated to Kate a simple literacy activity and also a simple numeracy activity and she was impressed with the potential this app could offer to her and her students. Kate immediately saw how this could app be applied to her plans for the day. She had a lesson on money planned for the afternoon, when I would be in another class.

I used my Apple TV to demonstrate to the students before I left how to use ShowMe! and then had them model back to me their understanding and left the class. Before I left I asked Kate to record how the students managed with the app, the video below demonstrates this. Note also the assement opportunities from the recording that a teacher might have missed had they not been able to capture the moment as Kate has here.






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