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Scott McLeod - Keynote Lats11

Written by David on February 23rd, 2011.      0 comments

Scott’s excellent keynote was a clarion call to  school adminstrators and policy makers to change the tune with regard to learning.  E-learning is a classic disrupt technology and it should be disrupting the way that we teach, but here we are, after all this time, still calling for change.  Scott talked about the “big fricken wall” blocking wholesale change in the education system, how right he is.  Fiona Grant tweeted about this and suggested that the time is right for a perfect storm of change.  For me this post sums it up, and every day we say its time to change is another day that change has not happened and our students are not waiting for us, they are disengaging and learning without us.  I am starting to think that there is a conspiracy of inertia and status quo out there!

Scott posed the question that we should consider if we as teachers are now fit for purpose, this quote from the Mindshift blog echoes that:

It’s sim­ply not good enough to say “I don’t have the time” or “It’s too hard, I can’t keep up.” Oth­ers do, and are. And your stu­dents cer­tainly are. If you can’t be their guide through the tech­no­log­i­cal changes, you can no longer be the men­tor they need in the net­worked age of education.

This post was written by a non educator…

Scott talked about learning in an age of hyper connectivity and perhaps the traditional box of a classroom is also a causal factor in teachers not being hyper connected or demonstrating their hyperconnectivity. We teach in isolation, certainly the students see us as being isolated as the only adult in sight.  Great food for thought and more grist to the mill.




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