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New You Tube Channel Launched

Written by David on June 4th, 2015.      0 comments

I have just launched a new You Tube Channel:  Adventures in Py(thon).  It is intended to be a space where teachers and students can congregate to learn the Python programming language.  I have no programming skills and the intention is that I will document my weekly progress to come to grips with the language and then discuss ways that what I have learned can be transferred into classrooms to help teachers introduce programming into their own class programmes.

One of the weaknesses of the current craze for strategy based learning of mathematics, is that there is very little using and applying, it is all just abstracted theory, which students find difficult to make any real world meaning of.  Which is why programming is so important, it is a great logic, problem solving and collaborative subject that it should be happening in every classroom, even from year one, students can be exposed to apps like Kodable to get them into the coding habit.

This is why I am excited about this new channel.  I know nothing about coding or Python, but I can see its learning potential and this new channel is intended to end up being a resource that teachers and students can use to help them get programming happening in their classrooms.  So why don't you join the ride?  Subscribe to the channel, join the conversation, take part in the challenges and start to build your own programming syllabus in your class based on my own Adventures in Py(thon).




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