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Massey Lecture for ITE students 2015

Written by David on August 10th, 2015.      0 comments

I was invited to present an elearning lecture to Massey students at their Albany campus last week.this time the lecture was videoed and recorded for the students at the main campus in Palmerston North to watch too. 

As with all of these events, it is the audience that makes the occasion.  As I prepare to give a presentation such as this I like to eavesdrop on some of the un-guarded conversations and use any examples I hear as part of the presentation.  This year I also had a lot of questions asked throughout the presentation, which was great.  I like that kind of audience participation and on several occasions the conversation was challenging and robust, so thank you all for participating and I hope that your next practicum's will give elearning a much higher emphasis and indeed in your own classrooms in 2016 you will make elearning an integral part of what you do.  If you get stuck any of you, you know where to seek help.  I am only too happy to assist, you only have to ask.  REMEMBER your Nemesis and resist it at every asking.  Make the resource work for you and not drive you down some old, well trodden pedagogical path.  Ask of it, how could you be digitised?



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