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Integrating elearning

Written by David on February 3rd, 2013.      0 comments

 Yesterday I Tweeted out the following:
Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 1
And as you can see it has already been re-tweeted a couple of times.  This got me thinking, this kind of list tweet is very popular 10 tools for this, 10 must have apps etc.  Their popularity demonstrates the voracious appetite that teachers have for such lists.  I think that what people are looking for is the panacea, the silver bullet, the tool that will solve their integration of elearning woes.  My most popular breakout session to date, measured by number of attendees to a single session has been the following breakout:

And to date on Slideshare it has been viewed over 5000 times, so clearly the subject matter hits the appropriate teacher sweetspot.  But as I have been telling the schools I have been giving Teacher only Day workshops at over the last week, they do not need to be the experts, they are time poor.  But teachers want to know all the variables of a resource before they release into the wild of their classroom and I can understand why they would want to.  But I argue that teachers did not become teachers to then become tech support geeks.  They can if they want to, but the vast majority of the teachers I deal with just want to get on with teaching.  Hence the popularity of silver bullet lists as indicated in my tweet and my presentation.

I believe that it is far more important that teachers know what  learning an elearning tool can facilitate, rather than how to use it.  Which is why I have developed my interactive tutorials.  These tutorials can be used by students and be used as a just in time resource for teachers.  I firmly believe that we will get better buy in with elearning when we allow teachers to teach, but teach using a different set of pencils and exercise books and my tutorials facilitate this.  What teachers need to spend more time thinking about is how to integrate their chosen suite of elearning tools into their class programme and how to manage equitable access to computers to facilitate the learning intended in a timely manner.  In addition, teachers need to be shown how to use and re-use student generated work to build individual student capacity which by deliberately planning to use student work, immediately gives the work authenticity and relevance to their students.  It is these practical issues that I cover in my workshops.  These workshops have been designed to work in tandem with the tutorials.  My workshops have been designed to demonstrate to teachers the how of elearning integration and to provide them with a range of practical teaching ideas based around the tools that they eagerly seek lists of via Twitter and elsewhere.  Once teachers see how elearning tools can be 'layered' together to facilitate deeper thinking, this is when the light goes on and the magic happens.  This is when teachers start to get elearning and want more.




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