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Imperfect thoughts

Written by David on August 19th, 2009.      0 comments

I have been mulling over a post that I want to make for several days, probably weeks now.  I have been taking notes from books, madly jotting down key concepts and the pages they are on, in my notebook.  In addition I have been making connections between the different texts and new ideas and concepts keep bubbling to the surface of my thoughts.  In a previous post I said that I was reading Born Digital, it is a fascinating book to read and have re-read lots of the chapters to re-visit some of the ideas that the authors have floated.  However in the last few days my latest ‘Red Cross Parcel‘ has arrived from Amazon and it is the combination of the three books that has set my brain off.

I am not really an economics kind of person, but the concepts that lie behind “The Long Tail have really begun to intrigue me and I have found myself asking if the economic phenomenon of infinite choice versus the traditional retail model has a resonance with education and e-learning, especially when the arguments of this book are overlaid with those of born digital.  I now have to add to the mix the third book “Convergence Culture” and you begin to see why my brain is fizzing and perhaps why I have been un-able to clearly formulate a post.  I guess that I know in the back of my mind that if I were to start writing where my thoughts are now, imperfect though they are, the act of writing would help me to clarify my thinking and allow me to draw some conclusions, but I think the post would be incredibly long!

I think that I need to perhaps explore the concepts in each book in individual posts and then draw the ideas together.




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