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Hunger Games Update - Fuel to the Fire

Written by David on September 24th, 2012.      0 comments

With all the furore in the last week over National Standards, one project I have been working on can demonstrably prove an increased engagement with writing and reading by boys.  Not only that the attainment of those same children has improved in reading and writing.  Over the last two terms two year 8 classes at Waiau Pa school have been writing their own version of the Hunger Games.  You can view all of the previous posts on the development and progression of the project here:






These two classes have been collaborating in their planning, character development, story arc and editing, to the point now where they have written and published their book.  Fuel to the Fire.

The key to the success of this work has been developing a scheme of work that was seen as being authentic and engaging to the students.  There is no secret to this, all we have to do as teachers is be reflective practioners. We need to look at our planning, we need to look at our classes and recognise that often there is a gulf between them.  We need to adapt what we do to engage the students in something they see as authentic to them, when they do, we see the kind of results that we are seeing in reading and writing at Waiau Pa.

Tomorrow this wonderful project will be the subject of an official red carpet launch at the school and this will be covered by Breakfast TV host Brooke Dobson live at the event.  The book itself is to be published as a Kindle dowload and once I have the link I will let you all know.




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