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Hunger Games - Gale POV

Written by David on June 19th, 2012.      0 comments

I returned to Waiau Pa School today to work with the students on their Hunger Games project.  To remind you this project is to be spread over two terms and by the end of the project the two classes  will have written their own fanfiction variant of the Hunger Games, but from the perspective of Gale.  Today we spent time working out how each of the chapters that the students have read would have looked through the eyes of Gale.

The level of engagement with this work is amazing to watch.  The students discuss the work and make frequent references back to the text to make their case.  The level of discussion and vocabulary that the groups generate has really pleased, beyond their expectations, their teachers.  Today was spent laying the ground work for the writing effort that will come next term. We have planned the broad brush strokes of the ten chapters, have fleshed out the characters and agreed the layout and look of the various locations, now the students in their groups have to plan their individual chapters and start writing.  We are going to manage this through linked Google Docs.  We are also designing our own book cover and have yet to decide on a title.

For our review work next term we will be drawing heavily on the huge number of resources on the fanfiction site so that students can critique the work of others and learn from their mistakes.  We read one of the chapters today and the students fell on it with glee, pointing out plot holes, this will hopefully enable them to critique their own work.






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