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Written by David on July 23rd, 2014.      0 comments


Educreations is one of those 'generic' apps that can be applied to any curriculum area and as such I consider it to be an essential tool in a teachers e-learning toolbox.

iPads have revolutionised the classroom in recent years  and the ability for a teacher to design a bespoke curriculum based around apps has enabled a truly differentiated and personalised learning experience for students.  The iPad is not the answer however.  A poorly chosen app or one that is not fully utilised to provide formative assessment data at the end of any session is nothing more than digital busy work.  Which is why I like Educreations as it can act as a teacher's eyes and ears in independent group work.

In short Educreations is a digital whiteboard that allows students to import images either from the camera roll, the camera or the Internet.  These images can be ordered on different slides and once organised the students can then press the record option and then draw and talk, all the while Educreations is recording their actions.  Once completed and if the app is logged in, the completed work silently uploads to the internet to be scrutinised by the teacher and passed fit for embedding into a class blog, wiki or LMS etc

In the classes I work in, I have used this tool equally successfully with new entrant students right the way up to college students, the key is planning to integrate the app into the learning intention appropriately.  Educreations is great for numeracy work where students can demonstrate their understanding of algorithms, illustrate their interpretations of data sets or graphs etc.  Educreations integrates equally well with social studies work, higher order thinking such as compare and contrast etc.  Which is why this app is in my top 10 apps for the classroom, it forms part of my 'digital stationary pack' for elearning.

Educreations has one last great feature.  It does not matter if you do not have iPads in your class, you can access this great resource via their website, it is therefore platform independent.  If you want to know more about Educreations watch one of our tutorial videos below.  Alternatively you can browse our other iOS tutorials on our site here.



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