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Written by David on August 2nd, 2010.      0 comments


It is really gratifying walking into a school and to see your suggestions, visions and ideas in action.  It has happened to me a couple of times in the last week.  The first was at Westmere School where I work on alternate Thursdays.  I have been working with Mel all year and she has been making great progress on a number of fronts, infact she is leading the e-learning drive in school.  Perhaps it would be better to say that she is driving the e-learning!  She has been using a number of tools that I introduced her to, she has been experimenting with a range of them until she found what she considered a best fit for her and her students.  The tool of the moment and probably for a while to come is http://vocaroo.com I love this tool.  It is so instant, so easy.  The mean time for PD and Vocaroo mastery is about 30 seconds.  Don’t believe me?  Try it for yourself.  If you can copy and paste you already have the required skills!  It is the potential of this simple tool that gives it its educational power and Mel has put it to good use on her classwiki.  She is currently using http://vocaroo.com as a reading running record.  In addition she has got students to reflect on work they have created.  Mel’s site is well worth spending some time on as she has also got the students to reflect on their individual e-learning progress this year.  This class and this teacher and eventually this school are only going to go from strength to strength with their e-learning.

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