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E-learning 2013 Begins

Written by David on January 29th, 2013.      0 comments

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Today marks the start of a week of Teacher only Day work that I have been contracted to deliver prior to the start of the new school year.  2013 looks as though it will be an interesting year for elearing, especially in this post ICTPD world.  The new contracts and scant crumbs left for us independent elearning consultants to peck on after the big boys have gobbled up the contracts has made the new elearning landscape an  interesting one, so I will be diversifying this year.  At the moment the order books look healthy and with a few more walk ins throughout the year the year will end up being a robust one.  That said I am already scoping out 2014 and will be picking up on some leads developed in 2012 and foster them in 2013 for 2014 work.

Today I worked at Chelsea School in Auckland as they start on their elearning journey.  We worked through the reasons for pedagogical change on their behalf and also how elearning can be integrated in a practical sense into their classrooms.  We then spent the middle session playing with great tools that I am passionate about to capture student voice.  Once they had had their sandpit time I then spent the afternoon with them encouraging the staff to examine their planning and to re-work it to include some of the tools I had shown them in the morning into their new plans.  The aim here was for them to recognise that a lot of elearning planning is endpoint in nature and almost secondary in their thinking.  I encouraged them to plan to post every day, well create a climate where students post every day.  Many of the team were excited by the plans, for some a bright light had been shone into, what for them is a very dark space.

As starts go, this elearning begining has left me with a good feeling.  I will be documenting their progress here.



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