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Digital Body Language

Written by David on March 18th, 2013.      1 comments

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I follow the social media guru, Linda Coles on Linked In.  She is always sending out notes and information and today she sent out a post talking about 'digital body language.'  I read her post today and  immediately wanted to share it via my networks as the content has a significant resonance with digital citizenship and how students should behave online.  I really liked her use of the term 'digital body language.'  You can see her check list of appropriate positive body language actions below:

  • Do use a greeting and sign off with your name included.
  • Follow Dale Carnegie’s advice and always use the other persons’ name when addressing them.
  • Don’t use all capital letters; it’s the digital equivalent of shouting at someone.
  • Respond to connection requests with a brief “nice to meet you” message just as you would if meeting someone offline.
  • Do get back to those that have made the effort to reach out to you digitally. You wouldn’t ignore them in person.
  • Watch your spelling and grammar. It really is your digital body language so make it top notch.
  • Avoid lots of exclamation marks, you look angry !!!!!
  • Use the smiley face icons to help the reader understand your tone.
The list is simple and if we all take time to reflect, common sense, but in the instant world of social media and the Internet, it is all too easy to dash something off and offend the recipient, even if we did not intend to do so.  Linda's advice is timely for the business professionals that follow her and also very pertinent to our students who need to develop much more finely attuned 'digital body language' in order to thrive and succeed on the Internet of the near future.



jacqui from http://askatechteacher.wordpress.com says ...
Good list--and catchy phrase. I've considered these good 'netiquette' rules, but I think 'digital body language' will appeal to students more.


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