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Designer and client is the same person

Written by David on May 26th, 2009.      0 comments

Almost as soon as it was launched I decided that the test site that this blog is currently attached to was not portraying an image that I was completely satisfied with.  As a result, not only is the web page under  re-design, the blog will also be re-branded.

So I have a live web site that is only really a first draft, I must tear it down and put up a contacts page so that any traffic I do get in this transition stage is getting information they need.  The trouble with being your own client and designer all in one is that one half of the equation dominates at different stages of the process.  In the current iteration of the website the designer was blinkered to the needs of the client!  Only when the designer handed over to the client could the client’s views be heard!  Hence the return to the drawing board.

In the meantime work has been coming in at a pace that is pleasing and at the same time causing me to be distracted from this re-build.  I am currently working on several website projects, I have three schools who are seeking my advice and are wanting me to build/revamp their sites.  I also have two commercial clients wanting me to design websites for them, both very different briefs, but interesting work all the same.  Finally I have also been very closely aligned with a very interesting video project which should go live in a month or so.

So work is keeping me from re-vamping this blog’s appearance in line with the re-vamped website next door.  Watch this space.




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