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Collaborative Time-lapse Project

Written by David on March 18th, 2013.      0 comments

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I was chatting to Luke in the South Island on Twitter on Friday night, when I mentioned to him a time-lapse project I have been mulling over throughout the summer.  Luke said he was really keen to be involved, so for a brief moment in time Twitter lit up with others wanting to be part of the project.  I have added a page to my Amazing Journeys wiki and this will be the base that we will collaborate, problem solve and create from.  The project is currently set to run on Easter Tuesday, April 2 2013 if all goes to plan.  You can follow our progress on the wiki and here on the blog.

So why have I included this personal pet project on an education blog?  For me one of the key elements that make elearning such an engaging medium in the classroom is the facility to collaborate and problem solve that the technology enables.  Within minutes of posting the idea to Twitter, several people expressed immediate interest, the concept intrigued them and over time more and more have also requested to join.  Agreed, this project is not going to strike a chord with everyone, but those that are interested will want to get involved as it speaks to them at some level.  I think that we should as adults reflect on this.  If we get excited at the potential to be creative, collaborative and in egalitarian way all contribute to the project as a whole, why do so many teachers find this kind of project so hard to facilitate in their classroom.  This project could just as easily be a class based one, just think of the literacy involved in the collaboration alone, let alone the visual literacy, the problem solving, the promotion, the evaluation and the sense of community that it will engender.

What are your thoughts?  Want to emulate this in the classroom, need some buddy classes?  Let me know and let's do it.  But let's do it as time-zone slices, lets get 24 schools in different time-zones to all to a time-lapse of mid-day in their time-zone all facing North.  Or some such similar focus.



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