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Collaborative Inquiry - Lucid Chart

Written by David on August 20th, 2014.      0 comments

Lucid Chart is another one of those must have accounts for the elearning classroom.  If when you sign up you state that you are an educator, you get even more free services, but even without this upgrade the free service is brilliant.  Lucid Chart allows the user to create all manner of flow charts and diagrams, the templates in the education section are excellent for inquiry work.  What is more a Lucid Chart can be shared and worked on collaboratively so it also works well for group inquiry work.  When used in conjunction with tools such as Blendspace, the learning potential of the tools are really enhanced.

If you are a Google Docs user, Lucid Chart is one of those apps that you can add to your profile.  This way from within your Google Drive, it is possible to seamlessly create a Lucid Chart and save it in the Drive space.  We have created a tutorial demonstrating the key features of Lucid Chart, this will be seven minutes of your time well spent.  In short every classroom should be making good use of this tool for their inquiry work as well as their numeracy work.



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