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App of the Week: Rover

Written by David on May 14th, 2012.      0 comments

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The Rover App

This weeks app of the week is the Rover app.  There is much to love about the iPad but there is also much that is frustrating and one of those frustrations is it’s complete lack of support for all things Flash.  As we know there is much content on the web that is Flash based and when viewed on the iPad a black space where once was content is all that is left.  This is particularly frustrating for educators.  The web is in a state of transition to HTML5 and a post Flash based world of media content.  But for teachers who have assiduously collected links to many resources over the years, much of what they know to be good sites for learning are invisible to them via the iPad.  Many legacy sites and even great current service providers, such as Mathletics are entirely Flash based and will take a long time, if ever to convert their sites from Flash to HTML5 and be a viable resource on the iPad.

This is where Rover comes in.  It acts like a third party browser and enables you to use your trusted Flash based sites on your iPad.  It is simple, and free and is my app of the week.




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