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App of the Week - Tweetvox

Written by David on April 23rd, 2012.      0 comments



This new app is designed to be the next big thing. It’s aim is to make it bigger than Twitter. Despite the hype that surrounds it, the app actually has some great potential for the classroom. Its name is Tweetvox and as it name implies, it enables a user to send audio clips via social networks.

Obviously a school will have to enable access to Twitter, Four Square or Facebook for the app to fly.  This will mean that schools will have to think through all of the potential issues associated with Twitter accounts in classrooms, but for those that have already thought this through, this app has potential, especially when combined with the new timeline feature in Facebook.  I can see lots of Drama potential in using a tool like Tweetvox in conjunction with Facebook for example.  I can also see how debates and other oral language skills can be recorded, disected and examined as a series of tweets and Facebook updates.

Perhaps best of all, for those using Twitter to communicate with other classes, for collaboration around the world.  Tweetvox offers the potential to escape the 140 character limit and open up a recordable, archiveable collaborative dialogue for students and school administration alike.





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