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App of the week - ShowMe

Written by David on June 4th, 2012.      0 comments


Show Me


Having posted about ShowMe last week, we had better make it our app of the week this week!

ShowMe is a screen capture app in the mould of products such as Jing.  What I love about this tool is that it enables a student to demonstrate their learning by allowing them to annotate on the screen and talk at the same time.  For example I have had students use the whiteboard mode to demonstrate their understanding of a particular maths strategy or algorithm.  With the camera function enabled, students have taken photographs of their own work and have recorded their voice over the top of the image, as illustrated last at Pinehill last week.  Not only that, but images from the camera roll on the iPad or images searched from the Internet can be included into ShowMe, these options are easily accessed from the image icon on the ShowMe toolbar, so that students can annotate over the top of the image and also record their voice.

When the work has been reviewed, and once the teacher has set up the ShowMe account, which is a simple process, the students are easily able to upload their creations to the cloud, whilst their peers are busy working on their own ShowMe creation.  This app makes the iPad a table top learning centre.  Once the videos have been uploaded the teacher or if possible the students can then log on to their showme account on another computer and embed their video creations into the appropriate wiki, blog, website etc.

The power of this tool is its simplicity and the learning it enables classrooms to capture effortlessly.  I love it.




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