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App of the week - Cargo Bot

Written by David on May 29th, 2012.      0 comments


I learned of CargoBot earlier this week and it has become an instant hit with me and the students I have been working with. CargoBot is free and at first glance looks like a game, it is sort of. The difference is that this app is infact an introduction to programming for students. The simple tutorials show you how to use the object blocks to program the crane to move boxes around a warehouse. It rapidly introduces the notion of nested programs and loops. What I particularly like about this app is that your efforts can be recorded as a video which is saved to your image directory, which can then be imported into iMovie, a voice over added and then shared. So not only can students demonstrate how they solved a particular problem and there are lots of tricky ones, but they can also share where they are stuck and call for help.

Interestingly this app was created entirely on an iPad using the Codea app, which is not free! It costs $14:00 and I have downloded that and am working my way through that app to see how easy the language is to master in order that any app can be created within an iPad. Great for schools wanting to develop their own resources or simply as an extension excersise or as a strand to an existing computer studies course.

CargoBot is a great find and one that I think every school based iPad should have on it.




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