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App of the week - Broadcastr

Written by David on May 21st, 2012.      0 comments


My app of the week this week is Broadcastr. It continues in the theme of capturing student voice. It is similar in nature to Fotobabble, which we reviewed earlier. However where this app differs is that you can pin your voice recording, with its image onto a Google Map.  It is an augmented reality app once in the app you can search for other nearby or related Broadcastr recordings.  This enables students to place their recording in time and space. Therefore, tours can be made, such that galleries of work for example could be accompanied by voiceovers from students explaining their work or what the person in the physical world is actually viewing, or virtual tours around the key features of the school could also be made.

Broadcastr does require an account to use it. However, if a class account were to be created, individual student work could be differentiated through the use of searchable tags. It is a simple tool to use, but has the potential to create elaborate virtual tours, scavenger hunts and create a virtual world of student work that can be searched through the app long after the students have left school.

It is available from the App Store and from the Android Market.





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