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ANZAC100 - QR Code Wall of Discovery

Written by David on April 23rd, 2015.      0 comments

My primary focus for working in room 10 at Northcross Intermediate is to drive elearning innovation in a digitally rich class.   The initiatives we put in place last year have produced some amazing student attainment results and we have shared these at Ulearn 2014.  This year the aim is to improve on last year and really embed the 'disruptive pedagogy' we have developed.

However there are some things that you can not just walk by.  The 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landings needs to be given the full weight it deserves.  We had set the students on a course of inquiry into differing aspects of the conflict in particular, but set in the wider context of the social and  political impact of WWI.  All pretty standard stuff really, even with elearning in the mix.  It was a the publishing stage that I suggested that we make a large display of the student content that could act as an information wall, a wonder wall for those that cared to stop, read and learn.  That is when I hit upon the idea of the giant poppy, all made up of coloured QR codes.  The end result is made up of codes that link to resources, videos, images, student reflections, student work etc all laid out in a random order within the colour coding.  We decided to use the stem for a time line of information that would put the conflict in context, the red petals of the poppy contain codes about the conflict broken down into soldiers, home front, innovation and finally the black centre deals with the horror of the casualties.

Today the students built their poppy and it is in the school library for all to see and pause a while by it and to learn from it.
We used squared paper to work out how many QR codes we needed
20150422 122736(0)-820

The Stem QR codes being printed out

Assembling the Poppy

Completed Poppy in the Library



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