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ACEC2012 Day 1

Written by David on October 2nd, 2012.      0 comments


When I booked my hotel for the conference I purposely booked the hotel to be on the other side of the river to the venue. My choice was right, tonight after the first keynote and the reception, I walked from Wellesley College in south Perth, to the ferry terminal and was greeted with this view as the lights came on in the CBD in Perth.

From the Twitter stream on #acec2012 you will see that a great debate is already raging about the way forward for elearning or blended learning or just learning (that happens to include technology). I have been able to share some of the initiatives that I have been working on that demonstrate collaboration and excellent student learning outcomes. Tomorrow’s opening keynote is on game based learning, and I will then be able to share the work that Sarah and I have done with Gamemaker at Wakaaranga

As ever the debate returns to teachers and getting them to adapt their pedagogy to integrate elearning tools into their classroom programme and how to go about this. Getting that certain demographic to engage is the key. My presentation at #Ulearn12 next week specifically talks about this and shares a solution to ensure that schools build sustainable elearning environments.




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