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Samsung at Ulearn 2015

Written by David on October 5th, 2015.      0 comments

Samsung  have approached me with an idea.  They want to showcase how brilliantly suited to the education environment their tablets are. I have already documented their rugedised tablet , it is so tough that that single feature alone should make this one device a no brainer for all classrooms.   

Not only is this tablet tough, it has the ability to be submerged in water up to one metre deep for thirty minutes, so it can handle water and more than just a sprinkling.  In January 2016 I am running a teacher only day based on 'digitising camp.'  The teachers I am working with will be set a series of challenges in the same way we set EOTC challenges for students that push them physically and to encourage collaboration and problem solving.  These activities will be outdoors, strenuous and challenging.  In addition, the teachers will have to wear tech throughout the day in order to capture their efforts, attempts and successes at meeting the challenges of the day.  The teachers in their turn will use their experiences and knowledge learned about the tech to plan to 'digitise camp. '  By the end of the day the teachers will have had to capture, edit and publish, with reflections a journal of the day.  As such, the Samsung rugedised tablet will form an integral part of the day. 


For Ulearn however, Samsung have invited me to be on their stand for the duration of the conference to showcase what their 'ordinary' tablets can do and there is nothing ordinary about their tablets.  I have my own Samsung Tab A  with a 9.7 inch screen with integrated pen.


and they have kindly loaned me another tablet, the Tab A with an 8.0 inch screen, this particular model does not have an integrated pen.


A fiine nibbed stylus, integral to a tablet, is yet another winning feature that Samsung have championed for a long time.  At Ulearn this year there is a thread in the breakouts about the power of the pen to communicate, a desire to  return to traditional learning perhaps? However if the desire to keep the  skill of writing is harnessed with a twenty-first century stylus,  it can be seen more as a redefinition of learning, rather than a regression; a redefinition that Samsung has been leading for years. 

With my particular focus on capturing student voice, I have been looking closely at these two devices with their native apps and the apps available on the Google Play Store, to see how these tools can really enhance the learning potential for students in the classroom using these devices.  What this all means is that during the conference, whilst others may be giving products the hard sell in the trade hall, I will be on the Samsung stand running mini workshops, showcasing how easy it is to capture and share student voice using a Samsung tablet and just a few well chosen and integrated apps.  I will be demonstrating how easy it is to layer different learning from one app to another in order to enable a more complex learning outcome.   

So if you are at Ulearn this week, why not drop in and see how you can transform the learning in your classroom with some simple ideas and a Samsung tablet?   If one of the breakout sessions you hoped to crash is full or worse still if a breakout session does not deliver what it promises, just come on down to the stand where mini workshops will be happening all the time throughout the conference.   If you do not get a chance to come along to the conference, not to worry, I am hoping to capture some screen videos of some of the ideas and tools in action and post them to my YouTube channel  after the event and possibly during it, if there is time.  I look forward to seeing you on stand 21, just inside the main doors of the trade hall.





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