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CargoBot - Incentives to Improve

Written by David on May 30th, 2012.      0 comments

One of the things I like about the CargoBot app is that it allows students to record and share their solutions. In the video above I have shared two of my solutions. What is apparent is that although I have solved the problem, the one star grade the application gave me for my efforts illustrates that my programming is not ‘tight!’ This grading acts as an affirmation and also as an impetus and this is what I like. Yes a student may have solved the level, but have they solved it in a ‘Three Star’ way? I also like the hints, they are wonderfully vague in a helpful way, which forces you to address your approach without really supplying a solution. This is great for students learning to be resilient in the ‘pit of despair.’

Once the videos of their solutions have been saved, I would encourage students to provide a voice over explaining their method and reasoning about how they solved the problem and if they score a low star solution like I have, they could then begin to speculate how they could make their code more efficient, more general and therefore be awarded a better star rating for thier efforts. With so many problems to solve, this app has a longevity in a class situation that many others might not have.

Last but not least, with the student solutions captured, annotated, shared via YouTube and finally embedded into a wiki, blog website etc, students can collaborate, share their ideas and compare solutions with others. This simple app faciliitates higher order thinking, problem solving and resilience. It is a great app.




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