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WPA Catch Up Day - Presentations

Written by David on May 16th, 2013.      0 comments

I have spent the day in Hamilton at the WPA Catch Up Day conference.  The WPA is the Waikato Principals' Association and they have a day such as this once a term.  Today I was asked to present two sessions for the Principals.  The day was well attended with over a 100 delegates attending. 

In the first sessionI wanted the Principals to reflect on student engagement and elearning's role in facilitating this.  I wanted to make the point that it was Mohammed who moved to the mountain and not the other way round.  I illustrated how almost every facet of our society has undergone massive change precipitated by the Internet.  The traditional methods, avenues and controllers of information have all undergone a seismic shift, all except education.  We have access to more and varied information from a wider range of sources, we have almost unlimited access to music, we can create and publish content online and have audiences of millions.  But education alone is still bucking this trend, we continue to deliver learning in almost the same way as we did 30, 50 even a hundred years ago and we wonder why we find it harder and harder to engage students who live in the multimedia, multithreaded world of the Internet, to work in the linear paper based world of learning.  

In the second session I spoke about the importance of intellectual property in relation to elearning.  I highlighted some of the strategies I have developed and implemented in different schools to induct new staff into school, to raise the base level of competency with elearning for existing staff, the importance of tutorials to teach a consistent skills set and how teachers can capture their own good practice to help others learn and observe how elearning is being integrated and managed in other classrooms.  Finally I spoke about how important it is for schools to mandate elearning reflections and to share resources, lessons, activities, exemplars etc to a common source such as an LMS or closed wiki so that all staff can grow from the collected knowledge of all staff in the school.  The last element of this complete and managed approach to building a sustainable elearning environment in a school was a managed exit strategy for departing staff.

You can see both presentations below:

Presentation 1:

Presentation 2:


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