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Written by David on April 29th, 2013.      2 comments

I have been encouraging a dispersed group of people throughout New Zealand to work together on a collaborative time lapse project, the last effort a slice in time was all meant to happen between the same 30 minutes on the same day.  I still really like this idea and want to explore this further.  Our second project is the altogether looser focus of "autumn"  I have spent the weekend photographing sequences for my contribution to the final product.  I will be using these clips in another movie I am putting together just about Auckland.  At this stage I need to work out how I can export higher quality clips from Lightroom using the timelapse plug in.  I expect I will have to export the images individually and then assemble them in Quick Time and then edit them in iMovie, for the moment.  Clunky.

Autumn Timelapse viii from David Kinane on Vimeo.


A Slice in Time - Time-Lapse Project

Written by David on April 22nd, 2013.      2 comments

The slice in time project has now been edited and launched  I asked for collaborators to my initial idea back in March.  For a first effort it is not bad.  We are congregating around the #nztimelapse tag and are already planning a second collaborative effort.  This time we are thinking about the colours of autumn and will edit the video so that the colours are going through the spectrum.  Here is the first effort anyway.  If you want to be involved either follow the #nztimelapse tag or contact me.  Feedback on this initial effort is welcomed.


Planning for Blended integration of E-learning Tools

Written by David on April 19th, 2013.      6 comments

Over the last couple of years I have been creating a suite of resources to help teachers to integrate elearning tools and activities into their classroom plans.  The purpose of these tools is to provide teachers with ideas to get them started with elearning in the classroom, links to web sites and software programmes that can be used to deliver the learning, apps that also facilitate the same outcomes and finally a growing suite of interactive tutorials with which teachers can self train or provide support to their students to enable the elearning workflow in the classroom to be as smooth as possible.

One of my most popular breakouts at the Ulearn and Learning at Schools conferences was my 90 tools in 90 minutes presentations, a rapid romp through 90 free elearning tools available to teachers to use in their classrooms, this presentation included a brief overview of how I had used the tools in classes at differing age levels.  Although popular, this presentation on a practical level for teachers only really provided them with a list of tools that could promise elearning potential, it did not provide them with the additional support they needed, which is why I have abandoned that presentation and have been concentrating creating and providing resources for schools that support and guide teachers, it is after all what they need.

I have been developing my support tools further, but now creating exemplars and in class support materials for teachers, to provide a whole package of elearning support. Below are some screen shots of the kind of work flow I am providing to schools from lesson plans to outcome exemplars via tutorials, classroom management strategies and support materials.  A one stop elearning shop service.

In the screen shot below you can see the 7th activity planned around the topic of weather, using elearning tools.  The teachers can use these ideas as a springboard into a direction of learning that the class wish to follow or they can use the ideas to scaffold them through the continuum of lesson plans.  Each activity illustrates what apps, computer programmes and websites could be used to facilitate the outcome dictated by the initial learning intention of the school curriculum document.
planning screenshot sml

I also produce documents to help teachers provide a scaffold to the students so that they can focus on the learning rather than the mechanics of producing content with elearning tools.  The aim of this resource below is for the students to focus on the content each broadcast should have, the structure and the duration.  Once the template for the storyboard and the characters, see the video at the end, has been created, this scaffold below is designed to focus the students on content and the production time should be short, less than 20 minutes, meaning that this activity can easily be a daily event for the duration of the topic.  In addition the requirement to create content quickly, creates a model and system that can be applied to other learning areas throughout the year.
content plan sml

And finally I am now producing exemplars of what the learning activity could look look like, using the continuum illustrated above and supported by the interactive tutorials that provide just in time support to teachers and students alike.



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