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RAW cluster

Written by David on February 25th, 2010.      0 comments

I met with the RAW cluster principals after my breakout 5 presentation.  I introduced Ian, who if we are successful will be their facilitator.  This will be an interesting cluster to work for.  It will enable us to start to implement some of the tools that I have been developing to ensure that expertise stays in school and not the brains of those who have been the recipients of facilitation.


Learning at School 2010 - breakout 5

Written by David on February 25th, 2010.      0 comments

I have just run my 90 tools in 90 minutes presentation again, with added tools.  This is the second time that I have done this presentation.  I had a couple of moments of brain freeze where I muddled up tools.  It is such a high energy presentation it leaves me exhausted!  I actually delivered 94 tools in 84 minutes.  The response from the delegates was overwhelmingly positive, the gratifying thing is that 55 people completed their forms and submitted them.  I will run it again if there is interest in me doing so.  I am currently working on a presentation for Ulearn in Christchurch, but this one is more aimed at school leadership and systems analysis.  I am now working on tomorrows far more practical session.

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