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Facilitation update

Written by David on September 21st, 2009.      0 comments

I have been busy these last weeks working on a variety of projects, some of which are coming to fruition and others that have a distinctly long gestation period.  What is so exciting about all of the projects is their diversity and the range of clients too.

I have been working in a range of secondary schools working with different LMS systems, in fact across the schools I have encountered all of the MOE sanctioned LMSs.  What is interesting is how each of the schools are addressing how they will integrate these tools.  Last Friday I was speaking to a teacher who was recounting some behaviour that he witnessed in a class.  He is a keen advocate for the particular flavour of LMS his school has opted for and as such has put up lots of resources and assignments to his page.  The behaviour he witnessed was three pupils being completely off task during his lesson, they were not disrupting the others in class, just not doing the task at hand.  However what the teacher noticed was that when he checked the logs for his LMS page, those self same students who were off task in the physical space of his class had later, much later 1:00 AM later, gone to the LMS page and had completed the tasks as set.  This prompted us to further discuss the nature of school in a few years time.  Will it be necessary for example for students to physically (at the secondary level) to be at school?  Will it be a requirement of time credits, served either in the physical space of school or via the LMS, in order to have successfully racked up sufficient time at school to qualify for the 40 weeks attendance?

This has been a feature of several advisory conversations that I have had with other schools, how to plan for the future in terms of infrastructure for the school if the only certainty is constant change?  Interesting times and interesting conversations.  It is also very interesting to have the privilege to sit a broad swathe of  schools, both primary and secondary and see how differently they have all approached or want to approach integrating ICT into their particular environments and the unique challenges that each school is presented with.

There are many challenges ahead for these schools and for me.  I am really looking forward to them and to the challenge of guiding these schools along their individual paths.



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