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Windows Tutorials

Windows Tutorials

We offer a comprehensive range of e-learning tutorials related to Microsoft Windows software and operating systems. To watch any of the tutorials just click on them and they will play.  To get the embed code, click on the url below each video and grab the code from below the video on You Tube.
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Movie Maker
Power Point 2010
http://youtu.be/aKMpDiSDzUs http://youtu.be/R31z-AByscE http://youtu.be/A9w1bNbmU0A
Pivot Animator
Excel 2010 - 1
Excel 2010 - 2
http://youtu.be/f0MNO2j7UU8 http://youtu.be/0CdlYQT2CVQ http://youtu.be/p6wYCQKHCIo
Excel 2010 - 3
Excel 2010 - 4
Excel 2010 - 5
http://youtu.be/bNZoRbQHiB4 http://youtu.be/dsiy935BdtQ http://youtu.be/ZfZm98gfwEo
Powerpoint 2007 - 1
Powerpoint 2007 - 2
http://youtu.be/JYhUr4NoDbI http://youtu.be/HtvP3PPjx9E  


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