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Free Elearning!

We have decided to provide our tutorials to you for free!  So please help yourselves.  Use the links to the left to browse our extensive selection of tutorials.  We encourage you to embed as many or all, of these videos into your school blogs, class wikis even put them on your LMS.  We even have several videos demonstrating how to embed You Tube videos into wikis and blogs!  If you have a tutorial request, just ask and we will make it for you and place it on the appropriate page. 
Click here to submit a tutorial request.

Adapting teacher pedagogy to integrate elearning into every day classroom routines takes time and investment.  We believe that the focus for teachers should be on the “what” learning outcomes elearning tools can provide rather than the “how” to use focus of skills acquisition.

We encourage you to create a library of tutorials to support your staff for the following reasons:

Just in time learning:

With a growing bank of video tutorials catering for the programmes, apps and websites that you use at your school, you can offer anytime training and support to your staff and students, when they are ready to learn.

Flipped Classroom:

No more lost curriculum time with lessons dedicated to skills acquisition.  With a growing library of tutorials you can flip the task so that students learn the basics at home and apply the skills to the learning intentions back in class.

BYOD - 1:1:

The increasing popularity of 1:1 solutions in the classroom mean that a busy teacher does not have the time to research, learn and teach what tools might facilitate specific learning outcomes.  Using our tutorials will provide the support needed for the busy BYOD teacher and their students.

Student Experts:

Create student experts, have groups of students use the tutorials to upskill themselves and turn their learning into a teaching exercise for them.  The best way to learn is to teach, so empower the students!

Request Elearning:

Our list of tutorials is growing all the time, but we want you to let us know what tutorials you want and we will build it.  Chances are that if you need a particular tutorial, so do others.  Become part of the community.  Follow us on Twitter and make your tutorial requests there.



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