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“David has a deep knowledge of e-learning and is a well regarded contributor on the international e-learning conference circuit.”
Dr Albin Wallace - Group Director of ICT and e-Learning, United Learing Trust

“I have worked along side David at my previous school and was constantly challenged and stretched intellectually, so when I became a Principal, the choice for an innovative and expert IT Consultant was obvious. He has worked with my staff as well as helped me with consultation over infrastructural issues. My staff have asked when he is coming back to continue to support their learning journeys. I would unhesitatingly recommend him.”
Leyette Callister - Principal, Howick Primary School - client

“I have contracted David for a number of technology events on the West Coast over the last two years. The audience has ranged from business people, to teachers and youth. David is outstanding to work with. He is very well organised and plans well in advance.His workshops are well thought through and presented very professionally. He knows his subject very well and presents at a level that workshop participants can understand. David is at the forefront to utilising technology, if he doesn't know something he is able to find it out pretty quickly. He is very easy to work with and very accommodating/adaptable. I recommend him extremely highly.”
Jackie Gurden - Gurden Consulting Limited - Client

“David has energy and passion in the field of e-learning and ICT in the workplace. His ideas, connections and knowledge are demonstrated thru the presentations and materials that he undertakes. David understands the needs of both educational workplaces and corporate clientele and customizes materials accordingly. He is a visionary for helping clients achieve their goals and always ensures appropriate support and feedback is givenpost-training.”
Megan Iemma - MLearning Consultant

“David has so much knowledge and experience in the field of ICT that he is an asset to those that work with him. It is also his ability to pass on this knowledge and experience easily because of his enthusiastic, approachable and friendly personality and manner.”
Clarence Yates - Assistant e-principal, FarNet - client

“I've attended two of David's e-learning workshops and both have been extremely valuable for me. His in-depth knowledge and passionate presentation style contained plenty of humour and great visuals. All learning styles were catered for with small chunks of info presented at a time and each topic built on previously covered knowledge. Although an enormous amount of content was presented I was able to integrate the relevant learning into my daily routine immediately. I've appreciated his post course assistance – he goes the extra distance."
Lesley Towart - Artist - social marketing workshop attendee


David has been a specialist in the field of elearning for over 12 years. He has presented on elearning at conferences in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. His consultancy work includes education and business clients. READ MORE


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