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Dakinane limited was set up in 2009.  In that time we have managed and have been contracted to 5 Government funded ICTPD contracts.

Our consultancy work includes:

  • Advising schools on developing a strategic vision for elearning
  • Developing strategies to create sustainable elearning environments in schools
  • Advising schools on managing their elearning intellectual property
  • Creating induction strategies for new staff
  • Creating exit strategies for departing staff
  • Advising schools on archiving their digital heritage and curating existing best elearning practice
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Our in school facilitation services includes:

  • Working with staff to integrate elearning into their planning
  • Working on the classroom management of elearning
  • Team teaching with teachers
  • Withdrawal sessions with syndicates and individuals
  • Staff meetings
  • Developing long term elearning projects within schools and between schools
  • Working with students
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Our commercial work includes:

  • Runnining workshops covering social media and mobile technologies
  • Providing NZTE funded support and workshops
  • Working with EDA's to provide workshops for local businesses
  • Partnering with Chambers of Commerce and local councils to provide appropriate elearning skills to small businesses
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David has been a specialist in the field of elearning for over 12 years. He has presented on elearning at conferences in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. His consultancy work includes education and business clients. READ MORE


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