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David has been leading elearning innovation since 1997, starting in the UK.   David has been Head of IT at a secondary girls school in the UK and was part of an LEA initiative to help schools to build their own websites.  He has been Head of IT at a large Auckland Intermediate School as well as being the Director of IT at a large Auckland primary school.  David also spent a period of time working for Team Solutions at the University of Auckland, where he was the Secondary Schools Elearning Facilitator.  David has presented on elearning at conferences in Europe, Australia and all over New Zealand, David has given lectures on elearning to Massey University post graduate ITE students and has been interviewed twice by EdTalks.  David is a regular contributor to Interface Magazine and has written articles for Edudemic Magazine.


Over the last twenty years vast sums of tax payers money has been invested in elearning equipment by successive governments and school boards.  Without confident staff who can see the relevance of elearning to today's modern student, then the investment fails to deliver the intended learning outcomes.  Too many schools have made passion based investments, based on the individual passion and commitment of a few key staff.  When those staff leave, the passion and momentum leave too.  As technology advances so do the education initiatives related to their integration into learning, elearning is becoming more subtle and layered and clarity of vision and direction is needed by each school to ensure that they make the right investments and pedagogical decisions.


Through our onsite facilitation services, our workshops and tutorials we endeavour to create an environment that fosters elearning innovation, momentum and crucially, sustainability for your staff.
Our aim is enthuse all staff about elearning, to empower them, to remove the fear that many feel around technology.  Once these key hurdles have been crossed, then the magic begins.  A confident teacher can be really innovative with elearning tools and that is the catalyst that we proide through our interactive tutorials, our workshops and our on-site facilitation services.


Innovative and confident staff create authentic, engaging and relevant learning experiences in their classroom.  Engaged students using elearning tools to foster higher order thinking is a natural outcome of this process.  If you want this to happen in your school -



David has been a specialist in the field of elearning for over 12 years. He has presented on elearning at conferences in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. His consultancy work includes education and business clients. READ MORE


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