Seeing the light

I love working with teachers that trust you. I have been working in a school for 18 months now and one particular teacher, just wants more all the time. They are open for change, they want to shift their thinking and pedagogical practice and work hard to do so. What has been happening in this class over the last year has been really rewarding and amazing to watch, but today we crossed a threshold. We have had an alignment of several factors. The teacher has continually updated and reflected on their pedagogy, allowing me to encourage them to move more, to think bigger, to genuinely enable student agency and today, the students paid back and the teacher’s eyes have now been truly opened. The Rubicon has been crossed pedagogically, I witnessed magic today and these are the moments that make my job as a facilitator wonderful.

I have taken some screenshots from the conversation chain, I was not even working in the school in question today, but was there on Monday, where I really laid my cards out on the table, clearly the message was heard and in the intervening time, a real shift has happened in the classroom.

The website the students have produced is secured behind the schools sharing permissions, so I can only share a simple screenshots of some of the content, but the content and the quality of what is being generated on this site is amazing. However, the QR codes will take you to YouTube videos that the students have created. For reference the journal is the result of a book study of Stone Cold and a unit of work that we co-constructed called Stone Cold Roulette and was a transmedia focussed project, that used the book as the basis for what the students wanted to find out about/investigate, related to the book but not about the book.

What is evident is that the students have agency over their learning and they know it, learning has now become personal to the students, they have ceased having to endure being taught someone elses agenda and are now learning, learning what is authentic and engaging to them. As I said earlier the learning Rubicon has been truly crossed in this class, on to the next challenge!

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