Colour Mixing in Action

I have been working in several classes today and the teachers were sharing with me how they are integrating CT into their classrooms. A year 1 teacher was keen to show me the colour mixing activity the students had done earlier in the week.

The teacher said that the students were really enthusiastic about the task. Initially the students rushed head long into the activity, but as soon as they saw the colours change progressively, they immediately became more measured and logical in their approach, used the algorithm to mix and record the progressive colour mixes. The students were amazed at how the colours changed as they followed the mixing algorithm.

The teacher will now use these mixes as a display for the students to reference when they paint in the future and the teacher will only put out primary colour paints in the future, so that the students have to use the colour swatches and the algorithms to get the secondary colours they desire for their creativity.

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