Make My Money

It has been a productive few days for me. I have just uploaded another computational thinking resource, this time a PO4 resource, called Make My Money! This is a Makey Makey based activity, linked to Scratch. The aim of the activity is for older students to create a learning resource for younger students to help them learn about making different monetary values from coins. So the maths required in order to do the task is easy for the students doing the coding, but the coding required to make the resource is far from straight forward, indeed it is a PO4 activity, because the successful outcome requires the use of outputs, iteration, variables and comparative operators, several of them. I am looking forward to trialing this one too. In the pipeline is a Te Reo vocabulary coding activity, I am just waiting on having my Te Reo checked before I go live with this one, watch this space for more on that.

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