Third Merge Cube Tutorial

We have just launched our third Merge Cube tutorial onto You Tube. In this tutorial we show you how to import images from your computer onto the stage and how to add this to the cube. We then embark on creating a simple animation of an object in Merge Cube, using the CoSpaces coding blocks. These first three tutorials will give the average user enough information and skills to allow them to start to build and code their own Merge Cube environments.

We have started to collaborate with others on creating resources for teachers to use, utilising Merge Cube’s AR features. In one school we are creating an integrated literacy resource based around the novel The London Eye Mystery, where the students will have to create 6 key scenes from the novel as scenes on the Merge Cube and they will then have to animate these scenes, add audio voice overs for the characters and finally write a narrators script for the video they will create in the CoSpaces app when their models are complete. Watch this space for the resource once it is complete.

Also in production is the creation of a Merge Cube resource that will allow students to look at opposing views of the same event. 2019 marks the 250th anniversary of Captain James Cook’s landing in New Zealand and the clash of cultures that sparked. We are creating a Merge Cube resource that will allow students to investigate and share their understandings of how both sides of this encounter may have thought and reacted on that historic day, again watch this space for more information on that resource.

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