Scratch 3.0 is launched

The long awaited and slightly delayed Scratch 3.0 is here. This is good news for iPad users, as now Scratch will work on iPads and with out an app. Scratch 3.0 is HTML5 compliant and will therefore play on anything. This is good news, it now removes the requirement that some schools had for using Tynker on iPads and Scratch on other devices, or making the leap to Tynker completely. Don’t get me wrong, I think that Tynker is excellent, I code my drones with it, but Scratch has a longer history in schools and the advent of CT and the new Digital Technologies curriculum means that teachers need to have Scratch, or Tynker just work on whatever devices they put in front of their kids. Scratch 3.0 lets that happen.

dSo what is the downside? None really, the interface looks slightly different, the blocks look slightly different, but the good news is that tools like edscratch have been using Scratch type blocks for a while now. Also the integration with other third party hardware like Makey Makey, BBC Microbit and even LEGO Mindstorms has just moved Scratch 3.0 into another realm, a good one too.

The new Scratch 3.0 interface, slightly different layout, with the stage and the sprites moved to the right, just like Tynker. The blocks have had a face lift…
These are the additional services and blocks that currently ship with Scratch 3.0. Expect to see more third party interface blocks to appear, exciting times for coding and project based learning in education ahead!

The only downside I can see of the new look, greater functioned Scratch 3.0 for me is the necessity perhaps of having to update all of my Scratch 2.0 based resources for teachers and students…

Resources with blocks like these will now have to be updated…

Perhaps, for the sake of teacher sanity, the sound blocks have been removed from the default block list on the standard Scratch 3.0 interface. I think it will take the students about 30 seconds to find the cat meow again however, so sanity is perhaps not saved… I am looking forward to rolling this out into my client schools in 2019.

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